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Earned $7K in ETH

Build Your Digital Credentials

Curate and import your existing credentials from multiple Off-Chain (Twitter / Discord / Github / Offline Events) and On-Chain Data sources. Explore and claim rewards based on your credentials on multiple blockchains.

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How to get started

How to get started

Sign up via your existing profiles or Web 3 wallet

Integrations with multiple networks & wallets available. More being added.

Create a profile by Linking your credentials

Update your Dfolio profile by linking your existing Web 2 profiles & Web 3 wallets.

Apply to tasks and

Browse & apply to open bounties. Earn credentials and tokens.

DAOs can publish bounties & projects to acquire these contributors

DAOs can publish bounties & projects to acquire these contributors

Use Our Credential Engine

Target contributors with specific credentials

Publish Tasks & Bounties

To get contributors & reward with DAO token

Campaign Manager

Manage contributors & projects seamlessly

Manage Tasks and Bounties

Built-in bounties workflow. Find the right contributors. Add bounties to tasks and pay with any on-chain token, including your DAO native token.

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